Weddings | steppin’ it up

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about a fresh way to deliver digital photos to clients.  Although my custom discs do a wonderful job, I’ve noticed some new laptops (tablets too) don’t have a disc drive.  This lead me to look into flash drives, there were so many options that my head started spinning trying to figure out what was best for me!  I let the idea marinate in my mind until I came across the perfect solution at WPPI.  At one of the displays was the cutest, so on- brand for me, wooden flash drive.  The gorgeous light wood caught my eye right away and I just knew I had found an awesome item to add to my wedding collections.

Along with flash drives, I have also been thinking about adding prints to my collections.   It was another area I felt overwhelmed with choices, the push I needed came after hearing several speakers talk about the importance of printing photos for clients.  There’s just something extra special about being able to hold and show off your wedding photos. 🙂  As it turns out, the same company that makes the wooden flash drives also makes gorgeous wooden boxes to hold the flash drive with prints.  Cue my hallelujah moment!  After feeling like there were a million options out there, I found the one perfect for me.  I am so stoked to now have the flash drive, prints, and box as a part of my collections; the thought of brides having their photos so portable and displayed gorgeously makes me suuuper excited! 😀





Another recent change, as some of you may have already noticed, is the blog.  As much I loved my first blog, it was time to update to something that looks sharper on phones and tablets.  I simplified the layout and now, if you’re viewing from a mobile device, there’s a cool front menu and posts can be viewed very easily with text and photos formatted to fit the screen.  Hopefully you enjoy this change as much as I do, I’d love any feedback or comments from you. 🙂  Since we’ve geared back into wedding season, be on the lookout for pretty spring engagements and weddings coming soon!