Personal | Happy Birthday Wiley

It’s been a while since I first introduced our cats Wiley and Luna to you and I’m glad to have them back on a special day, Wiley is 4!    I know you may be saying, “he’s just a cat”, but to us, he’s our boy 🙂  We adopted him shortly after we moved into our home and anytime we come back from somewhere he’s usually the first to meet us with a big meow and leg rub.  We have bought a couple fancy toys for him over the years, but his favorite toy is a string from Beau’s boot.  He loves to be around, even when there’s a lot of people; I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a person 😛  He will forever be our first pet together, our boy Wiley.

Taken right after he was adopted in Nov 2008


Grown and playing with his favorite string, Luna watches from the sidelines.

Luna is our other cat and here’s one of her cuteness, why not?!

When he’s being super serious like this, I think of the Dos Equis commercial, “He is….The Most Interesting Cat in the World” 😛

Life without this 10 pound, rambunctious guy just wouldn’t be the same.  From the moment we adopted him he’s brightened our day, happy 4 years buddy ***