Personal | Eleven

Eleven years ago today I was on the phone with a boy that caught my attention in Ms. Vinson’s freshman geography class.  There were talks of this boy, Beau, among the softball girls even before the school year started, I hoped I would have a class with him so I could see what the fuss was about.  The first day of school came to an end and I’d given up on seeing this mysterious boy, but then as I walked into my last class of the day, there he was.  The long- haired boy behind the stories.

We were put into a seating arrangement (gotta love high school ;)) and he was a couple rows over and a little behind me.  The weeks went by and so did our exchange of glances in class.  I would “look at the clock” so that I could catch a glance of him again, he’d be looking at me too.  He started coming around my locker to talk after class, he was shy and sweet, but had the look of a rock and roller with worn out jeans, a band t-shirt, and a plaid over shirt.  I’d never experienced this type of boy before, someone who was different and comfortable being himself, I adored him.  A couple months of cat and mouse went by and I told him I didn’t date boys unless they asked me out, laying down the law at 14 years old 😛  So, he asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of November, and what’d I do?!  Said nothing (talk about playing hard to get).  After that, we kept talking like normal, at our lockers and on the phone after school.  About a week went by and we were on the phone after school as usual and somewhere in our conversation I said “…because I’m your girlfriend”.  And that was it, December 6, 2001, the beginning of our forever together.

I never imagined being blessed with this love; he’s the calm to my crazy, encourages me to pursue my dreams, wipes my tears, and loves me unconditionally everyday.  Eleven years ago, I became one of the luckiest girls in the universe.


Our wedding day: June 27, 2009

Photography by Clary Photo