Personal | A Day of Service

The t-shirt reads :  “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” – MLK

I headed out on the morning of MLK day for a day of service.  I packed my gear up and arrived at UMSL, knowing only that  I would be photographing some volunteers around the community.   That’s when I met my group, the wonderful young men from the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.  After a short trip we arrived at our place of service, the Centennial Christian Church.  Here’s a quick image of the boys shortly after we arrived.

We learned from the church secretary that donations had been growing for those impacted by the tornadoes in St. Louis City.  The church was graciously receiving and distributing several items for those in need, but the items grew and the need for helping hands became greater.  These boys, without hesitation, jumped right in to organize the many cans of food, clothing items, and toys.  I lucked out, I think I got the easy part, taking photos of their hard work in action.  Here’s some moments from the day…

A great day of fellowship shared between friends, that’s what MLK Day is about 🙂

As we gathered together to head back to the UMSL campus, we ended our day at the church as we began, with prayer.  This time, I stood back, I’m so glad I did.