Our babies

Ok, ok, before anyone gets too worked up, these babies I speak of are our cats, Wiley and Luna 🙂  As funny and sweet as they are, I can’t believe I am just now getting around to introducing them to you.  ( Luna on the left, Wiley on the right)  I took all of these images, besides a couple, while they were watching things in the yard through the window.

Wiley was our first, after we settled in our home a few months we decided to stroll the local Humane Society.  There were tons of cats and as we strolled along the room I noticed a little one just snoozing away.  I made the comment to my husband (Beau) that if that little one wanted to be adopted he was going to have to start showing off.  At that moment, as cliche as it is, the little guy woke up, stretched right in front of us, and started prancing around his cage.  We decided we wanted to see the little guy for ourselves, and after a few minutes in the room with him we knew he was perfect for us.  Three and a half years later, we have a full grown, rambunctious, sometimes super serious kitty, Wiley 🙂

Luna’s story is a bit different.  About one and a half years ago, my in-laws had this little black cat show up around their house.  She started hanging around more and more until one day they took her to their sister’s (my husband’s aunt) land where she could be with other cats and  get good care.  My husband was out at his Aunt’s for a halloween party and the little black cat wouldn’t leave him alone.  He said she was following him everywhere, sat on his lap, would. not. leave. him. alone.  Beau knew I was already wanting a second cat, probably a girl, and that I have soft spot for black cats.  Beau, knowing his aunt already had plenty of kitties to care for, told her he’d take her home.  So, I came home from a night out on the town, a few drinks in my system, and in our bathroom was a little black kitty.  Tears!  I cried.  The surprise of him bringing her home without me knowing was just too much.  And, so began our time with two cats.  Today, Luna is still the sweet girl she was looking up at me from the bathroom floor the day she joined our home.  She’s reserved, loooooves to nap, but will get bright -eyed any day for a rattly toy mouse 😀  Meet Luna, master of finding a sunny spot.

Now that you know their stories, I’ll share a few more images.  These were taken while looking through the screen of the front window, as you can see, the screen provided a different, kind of cool feel…

I think he saw something unacceptable in his yard lol

Luna’s photo is through the glass of the front door 😉

This last one sums them both up pretty well; Wiley is being Mr. Serious and Luna doesn’t have a care in the world.

Sooooo glad to have finally shared our “babies” with you!  It’s my hope to make them a part of the blog periodically, so be on the lookout for these cute faces in future posts 🙂 ***