Married | Kelsey & Joe

It’s amazing how many different ways I get to know my brides; some find me on the internet, some hear about me from friends, while a few others are friends I’ve known a long while.  Kelsey is one of those I’ve known since elementary school.  We had girl scouts together,  played on some of the same volleyball and softball teams, had numerous sleepovers throughout elementary and middle school, the list could go on and on about our friendship over the years.  Now when we hang out it’s a little different from our goofy middle school days, we have dinner parties and our men share opinions on the latest beer they’ve tried ;).  I am so incredibly thankful to have had Kelsey in my life for so long; she is kind, funny, beautiful, and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since starting photography.  Seeing her around her Joe, I see a woman who’s still that same fun- loving girl I’ve always known, but with a special glow.  A glow that shows when two people bring out the best in each other and love each other unconditionally.  I’m so happy my friend has found her forever love, cheers to many more happy years to our friends Kelsey & Joe!  Now guys, what’s on the menu for our next dinner night?! 🙂


Kelsey & Joe held their 1920’s- themed wedding at Larimore House Plantation in St. Louis.  They incorporated a few science details into their vintage wedding (Joe is getting his doctorate in biology y’all!) with many of the details being handmade by Kelsey; score for having smart, creative friends!

First looks are so awesome.  If you’re considering one, let these be of help.

Great capture by my husband, Beau.

Another from Beau.

Another image by Beau, he knows how to make a wife proud 🙂

My view.

Beau’s view.