Farewell Summer

This post has nothing to do with a recent session and I don’t get to introduce you  to any awesome people I’ve gotten to photograph.  This is a peek into my summer and the things I’ve enjoyed the past 4ish months.

Summer is definitely one of my favorite seasons.  There’s always something fun outside to do and I really can’t get enough of the sunshine and warmth.  One of the places I’ve gone to several times this summer is the St. Louis Zoo.  Prooobably my favorite place in St. Louis.  One of those times I went with a friend and my husband to a wine tasting event.  As if the zoo isn’t cool enough, they host wine tasting.  Needless to say we were all over that offer and had a good time.  These photos are from that event and the animal shots are from various trips there this summer.  The first shot was taken by Beau 🙂

Got to watch the sea lion show!

Summer isn’t complete without hanging out with family at my parents house and taking in all of my mom’s lovely backyard flowers and decor.

The sky after rain.

This is the kitty that started it all for me, Spooky.  He has been a part of the family since I was in 5th grade when he just kind of showed up in the neighborhood.  He still lives at my parents but I like to think he’s still “mine” 😀

Of course summer includes a trip to a festival or two, this one was in Wentzville a few weekends ago.

We got to celebrate a little cousin’s birthday earlier in August.  The whole family (Beau’s side) got together at his cousins house and in between eating delicious cake and chatting with family I snapped a few shots of the little ones.   The little girl on the left is our cousin and was our flower girl and the cutie on the right is our niece 🙂

The birthday girl getting in a quick read with dad.

Presents and fun, the best.

I think this is my favorite pic of these two ever.

Remember I mentioned a delicious cake?  Yep, here it is in all it’s glory. Mmmmmmm.

We also ventured down to Cape Girardeau for a weekend to visit some friends.  Towards the end of taking their photos, we saw this.

These few are from last weekend when we went camping at Meramec State Park.  They are from my Holga and I really didn’t know if they were even going to turn out, but when I got the film back yesterday I was pleasantly surprised.  They were all taken around Fisher Cave.

Welp, you’ve pretty much seen what my summer has been like, I salute you if you stuck around through all of them 😀  .  As much as I love summer, I am happy to welcome in the days of open windows and crinkly leaves, autumn ***