Family | Gretchen, Mark, and 4 awesome kids

Man ohh man am I excited to share these with you!  This dynamic group of 6 made for some of my favorite family photos ever.  These are also really cool and special because I have known Gretchen for a long time, and now I get to see her as a wonderful mother to Grace and Mason.

Sweet Grace

And Mr. GQ himself, Mason

Her boyfriend Mark and his 2 handsome boys, Markie and Mitch, also joined for photos.  I absolutely love this brother duo!

When I spotted this little field of yellow flowers, I just knew great things were in store…favorites!

I can never pass up a weeping willow by a grey blue pond…

This group was so great because when it started drizzling on us they didn’t complain a bit, instead, they decided that getting ice cream was an alright alternative 🙂  I also think Mitch was the best ice cream cone eater I’ve seen … lol

And one last stop, after ice cream…

Thank you so much Gretchen and Mark for a fun afternoon! Until next time ***