Family | Drew+Brenda= Will & Nora

There are firsts for everything in life; first time riding a bike, first concert, first love, it’s endless.  This session was a first for me.  It’s the first time shooting an indoor session for my new friends.  Baby Nora was just a fresh 9 days old, and in February, the outdoors was a bit too harsh.  So we had fun in the home I’m sure Will and Nora will remember their whole lives.  Where they may experience some of their firsts.  I imagine Will helping his sister take her first steps, visits from the tooth fairy, and finding easter eggs together.  This is the start of a beautiful story.

Such a sweet girl…

I think they already know how to get out of trouble together, look at those grins lol

Such a handsome boy he is…

Drew and Brenda are high school sweethearts 🙂

Brenda shared a great photo idea, love it!

Thank you so much Drew, Brenda, Will, and Nora for an awesome afternoon ***